When the restaurant server brings your check to the table in one of those faux leather folders, supplied by a credit card company, when was the last time you heard a customer say ...

"Wow, what a great-looking leather folder!"

This same boring transaction happens millions of times each day in every restaurant in America.
It's time to

How to Eat Fish n' Chips:
A Guide to Demolishing Mediocrity & Winning Customers with Wow Experiences, No Matter What Business You're In.



These Top Restaurant Executives Love Their ‘Fish ‘n Chips’

Barry Gutin, CEO Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bars, Philadelphia, PA

In this book, Joel cuts through the modern-day marketing mumbo-jumbo to identify what really matters in developing a brand that stands out, and an operation that excels. His stories resonate as he communicates key insights, from the essentiality of establishing trust, to the significance of wowing customers through human connection and product differentiation. In ‘How to Eat Fish 'n Chips’ Joel shows us how to bring out the marketing ‘genius’ in us all.

Michael Klauber, Co-Proprietor, Michael’s On East, Sarasota, FL

‘How to Eat Fish 'n Chips’ is brilliant. If you’re a competitor of mine, DO NOT buy this book.
If you’re not a competitor, then you need to order your 'Fish ‘n Chips’ now and watch your sales soar.

Ray Schoenbaum, Ray’s * Ray’s on the River, Atlanta, GA

In working with Joel for several years, I know his disdain for mediocrity and similarity. ‘Fish 'n Chips' is a real-life look at how to develop your restaurant's magic - because without it, you're like everyone else. One of the best nuggets from the book was a reminder that we're not in the restaurant business; we're in the memory-making business. That alone has changed our management team's outlook on how we treat our customers.

Rob Duckworth, Duckworth’s, Charlotte, NC

One of the most powerful hospitality books I’ve read, Joel Cohen’s ‘Fish n Chips’ hits you with several thought-provoking questions about your business, critical questions you don’t get anywhere else. My favorite is ‘What’s Your Magic that takes you beyond all the other similar restaurants and stores in your trading area that are doing the same things?


Tom Boucher, CEO-Owner, Great NH Restaurants, Inc., Bedford, NH

I love this book! It addresses a silent enemy in the hospitality and retail business and how easy it is to get complacent. The incredible 'wow' insights that Joel shares in his book makes this a must-read for any business leader.


John T. Bean, President, Eat With Us Hospitality Group, Columbus, MS

‘How to Eat Fish ‘n Chips’ is a powerful nudge for those in the restaurant and retail business to never accept complacency or mediocrity. And a wonderful nudge to get our customers to never accept it as the norm. Cohen’s book is my forever guide to understanding that we’re in the best business in the world - the people pleasing business.


On Their Second Plates:

Dan Doyle, Proprietor, The Crab Shacks/The Washout, Charleston, SC
Joel is an innovative, renegade marketing pro. His unique perspective is derived from a passion to demolish mediocrity and to wow the world. He bemoans cliché phrases like ‘customer satisfaction’ or ‘is everything okay.’ ‘Fish ‘n Chips’ is so relevant; I’ve already purchased copies for my team and made it compulsory reading. This is the book that will replace all consultants.

David Salazar, CEO, Manuel's Mexican Foods Phoenix, AZ
The Wizard of Wow is at it again. Several years ago, Joel walked into my office to discuss the importance of Wow, and I’ve been a fan ever since. His book is a menu full of wow wisdoms that every restaurant, hotel and retail executive should take notice of and implement now. My favorite line in the book is, “If it doesn't Wow, then it's boring.” That alone encapsulates what this book is about and how you can easily elevate your business to ‘wow status.’

Now, 'Fish 'n Chips' Special Workshops
Designed to Kill the Silent Enemy ... Before it Kills You

Mediocrity is the silent enemy that's destroying the restaurant & retail categories. "How to Eat Fish 'n Chips" is a guide to destroying the silent enemy and win customers over through memorable experiences and stories.

You'll learn the impact of Wow and how it is the big differentiator that sets you apart from others. Wow is the main ingredient that demolishes mediocrity. Joel Cohen, the 'Wizard of Wow,' says, "Wow the hell out of everything you do. And by doing so, you’ll demolish mediocrity, and win over fickle, ‘love-starved’ customers."

This idea-packed book is a stimulating, common-sense read, especially in today's world of 'keyboard marketing' that will make an impact on you and your business immediately. Cohen is extremely blunt and honest. He says, "You are the captain of your ship and to run a successful business starts with you, and only you. You need to be unstoppable and provide customers with memorable experiences so they walk away talking about you and remembering you."

"How to Eat Fish 'n Chips" challenges you to ask, "Where's the creativity; where's the showtime?" And in a microcosm of all that's 'average,' Cohen ponders why every restaurant serves the same old mints. If every restaurant and retail store is doing the same thing, then the customer doesn't notice you. You're bland.

Restaurants and retailers are missing glaring 'cutomer-love' opportunities For example, there's a million dollars of potential income in that moving van you see in your neighborhood.

Cohen asserts that you've got to be a little nuts - you've got to scream louder than ever before to be heard above and beyond the online and traditional noise and advertising clutter. You'll find several ways to do that - ways to out-smart the competition - the mega restaurants with the big marketing budgets.

Your order of "How to Eat Fish 'n Chips" can be wrapped in simple example: Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme. One focuses on service, and the other focuses on an emotional experience. Which one do you want to emulate?

And in another way, ask yourself this: When the restaurant server brings your check to the table in one of those faux leather folders, supplied by a credit card company, when was the last time you heard a customer say, "Wow, this is a great leather folder?"

Get the point? You can be like everyone else - bland and boring - or you can make a memorable impact.

If you're choice is to make the memorable impact, then order "How to Eat Fish 'n Chips" and join me as we #demolishmediocrity - silent enemy of mediocrity that's all around us.

If you're choice is NOT to make an impact, then, whether you're a restaurant or a retailer, you might as well close down now and save yourself from an excruciatingly slow and painful death.